'Klima' is climate in Latin and klimArt is the art of designing with climate. In an energy conscious world the need of the hour is to design buildings in harmony with the macro and micro climate of the site, leading to functional and low energy yet aesthetically supreme built spaces. With this as the driving motto, a group of highly qualified professionals got together to form what is today called klimArt, offering consultancy services in Architectural and Civil Engineering domains.

Buildings are not to be built on a site, but rather it should grow from the site, as if it belongs there...
in harmony with the resources of the site – like the slopes, the rock formations, the trees and vegetation, the play of hard and soft paved areas, the rain water collection & harvesting and minimising surface run off, building with sun and wind, building to keep heat out in summer and get heated up in winter.... And all these form the back bone of contemporary sustainable building philosophy.  

klimArt prides itself in being one of its kind of development firm which provides end to end solution in terms of design, and project management. With offices in Delhi, Jaipur, Chennai and Bangalore, we are poised to offer high end consultancy services and turnkey execution for a select and discerning clientele.

Meet The Team

Principal Architect

Dr. Sujit Kumar

Ph. D., Solar Energy Applications and Ground Coupling for Energy Efficient Building Design, IIT, New Delhi
M. Tech., Building Science and Construction Management, IIT, New Delhi
B. Arch. (hons.), MACT Bhopal